Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I came into the family not knowing what I would find.I was nervous and Afraid..He gently eased my mind. he made me feel right at home from the first day we met.he welcomed me with opened arms, and that T wont forget. he always encouraged me and supported me with the kind words. He is a great father-in-law.I thank god for blessing me with you -the very best.

With tearful eyes we watched him suffering and saw him slowly fade away..Although we loved him dearly, we could not make him stay..A golden heart stopped beating, Hard working hands put to rest.We know God saw him getting tired... and cure was not to be..Thats why he put his arms around him and broken our hearts.. and proved that he only takes the best.

Its been almost a month since you passed away...we still miss you as much as the day you died. And you were such a huge part of my life and your soul always in peace.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pretty & Beautiful

There is a lot of difference between pretty and beautiful...

 When someone is pretty, they have a good appearance...
 When someone is beautiful, they shine inside and out....

Have to be beautiful always and all the times .... :)
The most important thing you can do in a relationship is sit down and talk to each other, not with the TV on, or at the cinema, or over a meal, but just you and the other person where you can truly be heard and truly listen to each other. A true relationship is when you can tell each other anything and everything. No secrets.... No Lies....

Monday, November 16, 2015

You know what...

Yes.. I m changed..

I m not as nice as I used to be, because I don't want to get used or walked over.
I dont trust everyone and tell them all my secrets, because behind every one there is a fake smile.
I keep distance myself from people because in the end, they're only going to leave.

I have changed..
Because I have realized that I m the only person I can depend on.
Never look for a good face; It will turn old one day.
Never look for a good skin; It will wrinkle one day.
Never look for a hot body; It will change one day.
Never look for nice hair; It will turn white one day.

Instead..look for a loyal heart..that will love every day.

Monday, November 9, 2015

I am feeling happy these days. You know why? Because I am not expecting anything from anyone these days. Expectations always hurts. Life is short, And I always want to live my life happily with my sweet love...

Just live for yourself  and for your beloved ones. And the reason for my happiness is being myself  realized by the words said by Shakespeare.

Before you speak, Listen.
Before you write, Think.
Before you spend, Earn.
Before you pray, Forgive.
Before you hurt, Feel.
Before you hate, Love.
Before you quit, Try.
Before you die, Live.

Now I am simply listening, thinking, Earning, Feeling, Loving, trying and Living my LIFE .. :)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Mom ..you are really Great !!!.

My life has been changing all the times.. as I already said getting attached to the loved ones is very painful.. I do not know what to say now.. Simply looking to get out of my feelings.. 

I thought My son is very stubborn and and he doesn't get attached very quickly.. But today I got to know that I was wrong in estimating him... he is more attached to my mom.. as I do attached to my mom. 

He has the same affection towards me and also towards my mom ... He asked my moms mobile number and wrote it on a piece of paper... and when she left to her native.. he hold that paper in his arms inside the quilt and slept with that.. and after some time he suddenly got up.. and was asking for my mom.. why she left him... Even I have the same question..   I want to be with my mom and dad always.. the same is happening with my son also now. He wants to be with my mom and dad always..apart from us..  

The love she is showing on us is speechless.. and want to change myself to be like my mom.. to pour the love on my son as my mom does.. Mom is always Mom.. and My mom is more that what mom usually is !!